Designed to Turbo Charge Your Marketing and List Building Efforts with Just a Few Clicks of a Button
That’s right join us on this Build-a-Bot Workshop and learn the best-kept secrets 7 figure marketers are using to build massive subscriber list... In 2020!
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Act Fast, You Don't Want To Miss This!
Act Fast, You Don't Want To Miss This!
Build The Foundation
Walk away with your very own Messenger Chatbot in any niche every step of the way!
Your Own List Building Bot
Learn how to build highly targeted list using
"The Flexy List Building Method".
Sell Bots As A Service
Huge opportunity right now and if you sell or want to sell digital services.
Karl Schuckert
Messenger Marketing Expert
Lake Tahoe, NV
Three-Part-Training Designed To Turbo Charge Your Marketing And List Building Efforts With Just A Few Clicks Of A Button
That’s right joins us on this Build-a-Bot Workshop and learn the best-kept secrets 7 figure marketers are using to build massive subscriber list... In 2020!

And just for attending you will get lifetime access to the training… (For future use) How cool is that?

Though you’ll have to attend to gain access to all of these classes and surprise bonuses...

Plus leave with your very own messenger chatbot! Even if you suck at marketing and list building! Attend so together we can change that… It’ll be easy peasy...
Have Ever Wanted To Build A Massive List?
Then This Workshop Is For You, This Is
Going To Change Your Life!
While other marketers are thinking who moved my cheese… We’ll be showing you where the cheese moved too.

Can I ask you an honest question..?

Have you been struggling at building your lists to fuel your business?

As the old adage goes; “Leads are the Oxygen to the Blood of your business”. No Oxygen no Business! Today I want to help you change this… Even if you're getting leads now as you may know early adopters to marketing trends typically become more successful.

Could you imagine being one of the First Email Marketers back when people simply used email for communication... (1998-2006ish)
Let Me Give You An Example
Back then open rates where sky high 90% and Click-through rates where 50% or greater. So if you had a 3,000 person list that would mean 2,700 people actually read your message and over 1,350 people would click on your call-to-action... 

However... Those days are long gone...

And today that same 3,000 person list would see about a 15% open rate and less then 1% click though. 

Here is the quick math on that. Only 450 would open and less than 4.5 will ever click though as traffic...

Yes 4.5 CTR (Click Through Rate on a 3000 person list)

So I'm going to let you in on one little secret. We have discovered the next big trend. In fact it's a lot like the good old days when email was hot... 
Messenger Marketing
All the top marketers and businesses are adapting to this
new technology and are now making the BIG switch...
People like Anthony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Neil Patel, Russell Brunson, Steve Harvey, and many more...

Tons and tons of TV shows, Movies, Video Games and even Celebrities are using and moving to messenger marketing... 
Most Top Companies
Of World Are
 Evolving Too
And the list goes on and on...
I think you're getting the point!
This is the next big equalizer which means Messenger Marketing has leveled the playing field (for us all) and now everyone has the chance to build an audience of hyperactive buyers and raving highly engaged fans...

Without ever having to learn anything tedious or having to hire an app developer to do so...

This is why I’m inviting you to this up and coming Masterclass Called the Build-a-Bot Workshop. Do yourself a favor and make this call...

I really should be charging for this so do your business and your lifestyle a favor and make this FREE to join workshop and training before I... 
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Act Fast, You Don't Want To Miss This!
Or You Can Keep Reading
You see leads have been classified as many things. Cold, Warm, Hot, Active, Inactive, Engaged, Less Engaged, where they might be at in the process of buying.

The issue is most businesses are lacking both leads and what we would call in the biz hot prospects.

But what makes a hot prospect vs a cold prospect and what processes do you have in place to automate most of this for you?

So you can be spending most of your time actually making sales... With people who are hot and ready to buy...

I mean what would you rather focus on? Prospects who just filled out a form or someone who went through a survey or list of pre-qualified questions?
Keep reading as I’m going to show you what we have in store during the Workshop Build-A-Bot Workshop.

Plus I will be sharing with you how you can get access to the training for life, for FREE and how we together will be building your very first bot.

Say “YES” with me here because you will be leaving with your very own list building bot…
Here's The Really Neat Thing
I will be showing my Method where I literally give stuff away for FREE and I builds a list which in turn, turns me into a super authority figure and makes it stupid simple to sell stuff.

And the best part is you can do this to.

After this call, you will be armed with what I call power in positioning.

It's game changing and stupid simple too... 
Here Is The Even Crazier Thing With Messenger Bots
“They smoke email night and day.”

With over 88% open read rates and as high as 56% CLICK-THROUGH RATES… As long as I have been in this business I have not seen this with email since the early days…

And those days are long gone…

But guess what? They are now back and I'm going to show you why on this live training...
ARE YOU NUTZ! might be what you are thinking right now because that was what I was thinking until I saw it from my very own eyes…

As we go into 2019 the old methods are just not working as they used to… We use as many as we can but we need to start looking into more is cross-channel marketing…
Think Email, Text, Push Notifications And Now Messenger
I have been saying this for a long time. and I'm calling this the triple threat of marketing.. When you can have email, push, text and messenger going out all at once and automated... It gives you superpowers with your in house marketing efforts.

Are you ready to learn more about the Build-A-Bot Workshop? Only if you dare to challenge the status quo..?

Do you want a better way to communicate with prospects about your services and offerings?

OK, then... Let's look at the training schedule… 
Build-A-Bot Workshop
Build The Foundation
You’re going to walk away with your
very own Messenger Chatbot in any niche.
Yup give away FREE stuff… Like these really cool lead magnets, some of you recently got. Wink, Wink… and build your very own bot to deliver these lead magnets… I have this really cool term on how this works. You will learn how-to-do-this live on our call… It’s pretty cool and links with everything we do… (More than likely you have never seen this unless you have been in one of my bots.)

Did I say you will leave with your very own bot!!? Well yes, that is the case and you will learn this simple formula of how to setup bots for any niche. Building these massively simple but highly effective list building bots. It’s going to be insane once you grasp what these little things do for your business. Plus a FREE bonus just for joining us on that first call!
Your Own List Building Bot
You see the first day is about simple tactics and techniques to start the fire in list building… But what if you could learn how to add I call BoobyTraps on Steriods…
Sure all the free-ways of list building were covered but what about building a highly targeted list with FB ads and these list building bots..? This will literally ignite your list building efforts.

We will talk about how to lead your list through a series of questions which give you data points on what your list is interested in… Mega difference between just getting a lead and sending a message.

Frank Kern said it best; find out what you list wants and sell it to them… Or get them off your list… Pre-Qualify and Pre-Sell your list… It's 85% of the battle when it comes down to making a decision when they are ready to buy.

Let me ask you… Would you rather spend time with someone who knows like and trusts you or someone who has no idea who you are and what you sell? 
Sell Bots As A Service
Want to make money selling Bots-As-a-Service? Even if you have
no agency or any idea how to sell something for profits…
BTW, this is an easy addon if you already do offer agency services...

This is a huge opportunity right now and if you sell or want to sell digital services you need to differentiate yourself from your competition. I bet in your area I could spit in the wind and find a graphic designer, a web development, an Ads Agency and even an SEO expert they are literally everywhere…

But what about Selling Messenger Bot services? Selling Lead optimization and conversion optimization services that work? I bet you could walk into any business look at their website or FB fan page and see why they suck at capturing and converting leads.
Act Fast, You Don't Want To Miss This!
It's not hard to do once you know what to look for...

And it's not hard to sell this once you show businesses they have a huge leaking bucket that needs to be fixed and is costing them money...

People buy solutions to problems even if they have no idea they had the problem in the first place.

That's where you come in and make it known while you become the solution provider at the same time.

Making you easy predictable passive income month after month.
You can be their local digital hero because you will be armed with a giant unique selling proposition...

Your the only local bot person who can offer this solution… 

It’s an early adopters opportunity and is a great way to get a foot in the door.

Only if you join will you know how all of this works...
Not only that we have a few monster bonuses included.

We’ll show you how to add this passive income as an easy sellable item to your business. Then you can sell them other services you offer adding even more income to your bottom line. Because they now know, like and trust you!

We’ll prove everything you need to jump start your business including guides, a training vault, marketing plans, monthly calls and more…

Plus a private group of other like-minded individuals and business who are now selling Bots-as-a-Service.

Let’s grow this together… 
You’ll Also get a FREE 21-day trial of SegMate which is needed to get all this training and to do just what you'll be learning…

Learn how to build your first bot and many marketing strategies to light your business on BONFIRE!

This is a very private and exclusive workshop just for (you) and you will never see this elsewhere. That is why this is a must-attend event…

I have been working on this for more than 2 years now including a build out of the SegMate platform. It's not required to use SegMate but if you do use SegMate it'll open up extra perks. From extra training to more ways to build your list.

I love to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!
Let's Recap What You'll Get
If You Join Us But Only Live. Again This Is Only For
Live Attendees So You Must Attend.
A Master Course called The Build-a-Bot Workshop designed so you can take immediate action during and after the call… I have found people just need an Action Plan...
So Here Is What You Will Get
Let’s build your FIRST LEAD DELIVERY BOT pulling leads from places you never even knew you had… like under your nose and you had no idea.
200 per day case study I will show you how one of my accounts actively gets over 200 new subscribers every day. Hands-down this is the VERY BEST solution when it comes to building a list fast and frictionless.
This came from a suggestion someone made to me which was for me to open up more than just an Agency program where you can position yourself at the local leading bot person but also help others position themselves as the bot person. Making a huge commission and a piece of every bot package sold. 
This is no joke and will be a huge money maker for you. I promise to hook you all up with slides from the 3-day workshop and you can not only sell Bots-as-a-Service but you can host your own events teaching others how to sell Bots-as-a-Service too… 
Cha-Ching!!! Are You Getting This?
The BUILD-A-BOT Workshop is going to be off the hook… I have witnessed this for my own business and I’m ready to share it with you so you can do the same.

You'll be getting the digital version of everything provided you join us when we go live. This will be your only chance to get the recordings and all if you chose to join us...
I Only Have Room For 500 People
On My Webinar Platform
Which I have a feeling we will be way over capacity.

As this is such a hot topic and rightfully so as it just pain works. 

So register early and show up about 15 mins early to ensure your seat.

Exciting times we live in. But only for the aware people who see the massive shift in the way people communicate.

Will you be one of the many success stories who come from this? 
3 Interesting Statistics
About Messenger Marketing
1,300,000,000 people are on Messenger  
10,000,000,000 Billion with a "B" messages are sent every month between business and people… Every Month!
The Facebook Messenger App is the #1 downloaded app in the world both on Apple and on Android. And the Facebook app is #2.
Are You Ready To Learn How To Leverage The Power Of Messenger And Bots?
Then Join Me Live On This Up And Coming Build-A-Bot Workshop
Act Fast, You Don't Want To Miss This!
See you on the call.
Karl Schuckert
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